About us

Love . Cherish . Adore

Welcome to Petsuku, our premium pet shop based in Devon, born out of the pure love that we feel for our furry companions, the dogs and cats in our life.

Like our customers, we simply adore our pets and so wanted to create some unique and luxurious designer pet products and accessories that you won’t find on the High Street.

Our pet products are oozing with style with a hint of boho thrown in for good measure. We just love what we have created and hope our customers will too.

Below is a picture of the Founder of Petsuku, Wendy, with Frankie Ray her Chihuahua (and one of our Petsuku models)! Below is Ruben Hurricane, our cherished and much-loved cat who lived with us happily for 18 long and fabulous years. Towards the bottom of this page is Casper Bear Wendy’s other Chihuahua and another of our Petsuku models.

Petsuku was also born out of our love for the natural materials, simplicity and elegance of Japanese-influenced design. Our name has its roots in the Japanese word ‘Suku’, meaning ‘Cherish and Adore’. To cherish and adore your pet is, naturally, Petsuku.

Founder of Petsuku Wendy

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Petsuku’s Vision and Values

Our vision is to blend luxury, love and design. Our values are that every single one of our pet products should be lovingly crafted- unconditionally. No product is shipped without the Petsuku ‘No-Limits on Luxury’ guarantee.

From elegant but practical dog coat kimonos to soft wool pet carriers, Petsuku products are a statement of ethical style and will certainly be a talking point in any living space. We hope you enjoy our hand-picked selection and that you will join us in our mission to blend comfort, love and design, Petsuku style.

Love. Cherish. Adore – No Compromise

Solid Oak Cat Bed Frame

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Petsuku: About Us and Our Philosophy

Petsuku was founded in Devon by Wendy Harris in 2019. A committed animal advocate and pet lover, free-thinker and admirer of elegant style, Wendy felt passionately about creating a lifestyle brand for pets that blended luxury, design and simplicity.

Wendy’s ambition was to create a carefully curated range of pet products that were designed to enrich the lives and relationships between animals and humans. A premium pet shop full of beautiful and unique hand made things for pets and their owners to enjoy. With the authenticity of minimalist design and high luxury, the blend of simplicity and unconditional love based on deep appreciation of the natural world, Wendy created Petsuku – the great art of living for your pet.

Love, Cherish, Adore.

Luxury Designer Dog Coat

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