The Importance of Being Loved, Cherished and Adored

It’s become a well-known fact that during Lockdown a whopping 3 million families in the UK went out and bought themselves a dog or a cat. As a pet lover myself, it always seemed very natural to me that during the stress, trauma and confusion of the pandemic, people should turn to a beloved pet for comfort and stability.

Lockdown was a time during which many of us took stock of what was really important in our lives. I for one, having experienced several very difficult months during Lockdown, made some big life-changing decisions and created the boutique independent business ‘Petsuku’. My vision was to create a lifestyle brand for pets with a very simple and ethical USP: all products would be hand crafted, and made with love, luxury and style.

Whilst my journey with Petsuku has been a happy one, for many ‘Lockdown Dogs’- bought as cute puppies for companionship in hard times – things have often been harder. Change to daily routines can often lead to dogs developing behavioural issues. When buying a pet during Lockdown, many people forgot about the huge strain Vet costs add to finances. And the rise of illegal puppy smuggling during Lockdown meant many new puppies came with ‘provenance unknown’.

For much of their formative ‘bonding time’ during Lockdown many dogs have had far fewer walks and many of those have been on a lead. This means they’ve also had fewer opportunities to socialise with both other dogs and people. Having their human companions around all the time will also have been a hard habit to break!

Concerned about these facts, the Dogs Trust asked over 6,000 owners about their dog’s behaviour during Lockdown. More than a quarter said their dog had shown at least one new problem behaviour:

  • 82% increase in reports of dogs whining or barking when someone was busy
  • 20% increase in reports of dogs frequently seeking attention from their owner
  • 54% rise in the number of people saying their dog has hidden or moved away when approached
  • 41% increase in reports of dogs being clingy or following people around the house.

These are all issues that don’t simply ‘go away’. Dogs are complex animals who, just like us humans, need help and support to move on from issues. Separation Anxiety is a key issue, and this can occur for any new puppy and dog in a new, unfamiliar environment, or at a time of change, Lockdown or not.

But fear not- this very real issue can be solved.

The Dogs Trust recommend some key steps to take to help your VIP move on from Separation Anxiety:

  • Make sure your dog has a comfy bed or den where they can relax
  • Give them something fun to keep busy with, like a puzzle or a toy or long-lasting treat. Whilst they’re enjoying it, move away briefly, then return and reward them for staying settled.
  • Build up to spending time in a different room, and build this into their routine daily.
  • Build up the time and distance of separation, until they stay calm and settled when you go out.
  • If your dog shows any signs of worry, you’ve gone too fast- go back a stage and leave them for a shorter time.

Petsuku’s mantra is ‘Love. Cherish. Adore.’ The welfare of our furry friends – or VIPs (Very Important Pets) as I like to call them- is paramount.

Although Petsuku is a business, united by our love of beautiful craftsmanship and luxurious products, the ultimate goal remains one of welfare: to see our pets enjoying their lives to the full- being loved, being cherished and adored. And what could be lovelier than that?

If you need some help or advice about a furry friend then you can always contact the Dogs Trust, but don’t forget to donate so they can keep doing the great work they do in helping us to keep our VIPs safe and well.

Love. Cherish. Adore.

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